Code-Compliance Software

As part of our on-going mission to assist the Code Enforcement and Architect/Engineering communities about the code requirements regarding hazardous materials, HazMat AnalyticsTM started development on a proprietary software program designed to highlight code requirements when hazardous materials will be present.  After more than two years of development, customers can access HazMat AnalyticsTM software through a dedicated web portal where they upload the required information necessary to determine code requirements that should be considered.

Using the 2015 and 2018 International Code Council Building and Fire Codes as a basis, your entries for hazardous materials, quantities and methods of use will result in a listing of applicable code sections requiring address in any plan review. HazMat AnalyticsTM software will identify the relevant code sections when hazardous materials are involved. 

Save time and money on plan review!  For architects and engineers, our software can provide a pre-qualification checklist of the applicable codes the plan reviewer may question. For code officials, uploading a completed Hazardous Material Inventory Statement as provided by the customer and you’ll receive a report listing applicable codes for compliance.

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